EXTREME MAKOVER: Tradeshow Edition

PTI’s tradeshow materials just got a makeover thanks to the expert design skills of our talented Engineering Intern Jason Shultz. Jason Shultz headshot with name

The new materials feature a 10×10′ two-sided main display and two banner stands (shown below). We also have added new table covers and a 2nd standing literature display rack.

10×10′ Display Side One: Highlights key points of PTI’s products and services…

PTI main display side cropped.png

10×10′ Display Side Two: Showcases WINKEL Linear products, which are exclusively sold by PTI in the US…

Winkel main display side cropped.png

Two Banner Stands: The left banner stand shows a sampling of PTI’s massive product line – now over 25,000 SKU’s! The right banner stand highlights parts from our European partners, which we supply exclusively in the US.

banner stands together.png

We wanted the new look to convey our strong competencies, capabilities and confidence as a quality manufacturer in the industrial power transmission industry.

We’d like to send a “shout-out” to Jenn Daniel and the rest of the team ZigZibit for making Jason’s creations come to life. Thanks, you guys!

We can’t wait to showcase our new look at upcoming tradeshows. Check our website for PTI’s upcoming tradeshow activity. We hope to see you at one soon!

About PTI: Upon opening in 1994, PTI has specialized in serving the growing niche market of Metric products. As demand has increased over the years, so has our product offering. Today, our customers enjoy a huge offering of both metric and inch-based products.

Want to learn more about PTI? Click here to view our company overview video. Check out more videos, information and more, visit www.ptintl.com.

Save Your Chain (And Money) with Roll-Ring®

Roll-Ring® chain tensioners keep chains aligned and extend chain life while reducing downtime. Watch how the chain tensioner is installed in under 10 seconds with NO additional tools needed:

A Few Key Features of Roll-Ring Chain® Tensioners:

  • Made from a specially formulated polymer
  • Can be fitted into vertical, diagonal or horizontal chain drives
  • Less expensive than the push block types
  • No brackets to mount
  • Dampens chain whip, reducing the wear and noise of the drive
  • Several diameters in each size – accommodates various sprocket diameters/centers

Have duplex or triple stand chain? Simply use them side by side! Helpful Hint: After installation, the tensioner should be elliptical in shape.

Click here for technical data and more information.

PTI is pleased to be the US suppler for Roll-Ring® chain tensioners. For more information on Roll-Ring®, please visit www.ptintl.com or contact us at ptiinfo@ptintl.com or toll-free 800.763.4434. Ready to buy? Click here to find a distributor in your area.

Throwback Thursday: PTI Featured as Leading Supplier in 2013 Article

Click the image below to enjoy this “throwback” article featuring PTI in IDC-USA’s Fall-Winter 2013 Industrial Review Magazine…

IDC Industrial Review Thumbnail for web

Key Article Take-Aways:

  • Over 95% of the world’s population lives in countries using the metric system
  • Only three (3) countries in the world don’t use the metric system primarily (USA, Liberia, & Burma)
  • We stock both Metric AND American Standard aka “Inch-Based” products – Think of PTI as your “go to guide” for those hard-to-find sizes
  • 30,000+ SKU’s are available IN STOCK at our warehouse in Charlotte, NC – USA (warehouse photos are included in the article)
  • We’ve been in business for 22 years offering a wide range of products to the industrial power transmission industry
  • Our In-House Experienced Engineers in Charlotte, NC – USA design all of our components (click for a customization story)
  • 38 PTI Sales Representatives are located across the US, Canada and Mexico to provide local sales support and help with custom projects (click for our sales rep listing, or click for our distributor locator)

For more information, videos and more, please visit www.ptintl.com.