Save Your Chain (And Money) with Roll-Ring®

Roll-Ring® chain tensioners keep chains aligned and extend chain life while reducing downtime. Watch how the chain tensioner is installed in under 10 seconds with NO additional tools needed:

A Few Key Features of Roll-Ring Chain® Tensioners:

  • Made from a specially formulated polymer
  • Can be fitted into vertical, diagonal or horizontal chain drives
  • Less expensive than the push block types
  • No brackets to mount
  • Dampens chain whip, reducing the wear and noise of the drive
  • Several diameters in each size – accommodates various sprocket diameters/centers

Have duplex or triple stand chain? Simply use them side by side! Helpful Hint: After installation, the tensioner should be elliptical in shape.

Click here for technical data and more information.

PTI is pleased to be the US suppler for Roll-Ring® chain tensioners. For more information on Roll-Ring®, please visit or contact us at or toll-free 800.763.4434. Ready to buy? Click here to find a distributor in your area.

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