Expertise in European and Metric Manufacturing – A Case Study

PTI Engineers designed an improved version of a stainless steel custom chain with metric attachments that a US food manufacturer had been purchasing from Europe…

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The Background: A major producer of gourmet meats and cheeses generates over $3 billion in annual sales. They utilize a large chiller application for processing meat.

The Challenge: Their equipment uses a 750 foot long stainless steel chain with metric attachments. The food producer had been sourcing the chain from an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in Italy. However, that purchase was outside of their normal procurement process, had to be converted from euros to dollars, and incurred additional importing fees and taxes. The company was seeking both greater efficiency and a lower total cost without sacrificing quality.

3d rendering of chain.PNGThe Solution: PTI’s Sales and Engineering Teams worked with our local distribution partner to gather specifications from the food producer along with a sample of the chain they were currently using. After examining the product details, PTI was able to replicate the chain to meet the customer’s specifications and quality standards. PTI also standardized the location of pins so that the holes were parallel with the links, resulting in easier installation and a more uniform appearance.

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The Result: The chain was a perfect replacement and the company was able to save 38% by switching to PTI. Also, they no longer have to stray from their typical procurement process or convert into or out of foreign currency.chain photoshopped.jpg

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PTI’s Ability: With six full-time engineers on staff in Charlotte, North Carolina – USA, PTI’s ability to understand European and Metric Manufacturing results in easy and cost-effective solutions. PTI is the go-to metric resource for industrial power transmission products.

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