Product Availability When It Matters Most – A Case Study

When PTI’s on-call employee learned an aggregates manufacturer needed a large split block housing ASAP because of a conveyor failure on a Sunday, he immediately got to work…

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The Challenge: One of a large cement and aggregates manufacturer’s Midwest plants was in operation on a Sunday morning when one of their large split block housings failed on the conveyor, halting operation. The manufacturer needed a replacement part as soon as possible, but their distributor learned that their existing supply base didn’t have any housings available in that size. It’d be a 10-12 week lead time to get a replacement.

The Solution: The distributor contacted PTI’s local sales representative, who then reached PTI’s after-hours service. Our on-call employee interchanged the competitor’s part number, checked inventory, and quickly confirmed that the required unit – a metric plummer block with a 240mm shaft (PTI Part No. SD3152TS) – was in stock at our warehouse in Charlotte, NC. The distributor then emailed a purchase order to us and coordinated transport with an air freight courier.

(The Solution continued): Because the housing just barely exceeded the air freight weight limit, we removed the cap from the base and packaged them on separate pallets. The courier transported the pallets to the airport to be shipped out that evening. The receiving airport freight department was closed for the night, so the housing was picked up early the next morning. It was transported 150 miles and arrived at the plant Monday morning at 8:30 a.m. local time.

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The Result:
With PTI’s 24/7 availability and experienced staff, the manufacturer was able to get a replacement part in less than 24 hours. The distributor also enjoyed a significant savings of 38% by using PTI, which helped off-set the courier and air freight charges.

PTI’s Ability: PTI stocks 25,000+ SKUs at our 70,000 sq ft warehouse in Charlotte, NC – USA. Examples like this one help demonstrate why we are known for both our product availability and dedicated customer service.

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