“Hallo Hannover!” – PTI Attends 2017 Industrial Trade Show

P.T. International Corp.’s President Darin Davenport and Regional Sales Manager George Dib recently returned from Hannover, Germany to attend the 2017 Hannover Messe Industrial Trade Show and meet with some of our key European business contacts and partners. The trip was focused on checking out the latest in Industrial Automation, meeting with some of our key suppliers, and visiting with customers.

hannover fair entrance 2017.jpgMain Entrance to Hannover Messe 2017
6,500 Exhibitors from 70 Different Countries attended the show!

Floor Layout of the Trade Show
Darin and George focused on Industrial Automation section (see red above). 8,868 total products were promoted in just this section alone!

The following three photos below were taken within the Industrial Automation section at Hannover Messe and were provided courtesy of the International Deutsche Messe Group…

messe_20170502-153403USE1.jpgCopyrighted Image 1 of 3, Courtesy of Deutsche Messe.

messe_20170502-153403USE2.jpgCopyrighted Image 2 of 3, Courtesy of Deutsche Messe.

Copyrighted Image 3 of 3, Courtesy of Deutsche Messe.

In addition to attending the Hannover Messe show, PTI also took advantage of the opportunity to visit with key suppliers and customers…

winkel lunch.jpgMeeting over lunch in Illingen, Germany, (pictured left to right): WINKEL Sales Director Athanasios Loupas, PTI President Darin Davenport, PTI Regional Sales Manager George Dib, WINKEL Head of Component Sales Bernd Rudolph, and WINKEL Technical Sales Manager Calogero Di Rosa.
WINKEL is the market leader of heavy load linear systems and components. PTI is pleased to be the US representative for all WINKEL products.

winkel new building.jpg
A sneak peek at Winkel’s new building, with approximately 50,000 sq ft of new manufacturing space. They will move into the space in June 2017.
View a demo of one of WINKEL’s newest systems: The Fast Pick.

wipperman 1.jpg
Next stop: Wippermann. Wippermann provides PTI with high quality roller chain.
View PTI’s full range of chain offerings, including those by Wippermann here.

witra facility.jpgThis is Wipperman’s second facility where they warehouse the Witra brand of roller chain. Both Wipperman and Witra brands are available from PTI.
View PTI’s full range of chain offerings, including those by Wippermann here

eich truck.jpgThis photo was taken in the conference room at Eich, a well-established manufacturer of specialty bearings for the steel industry.
PTI is pleased to be the US representative for Eich Specialty Bearings.

Although it was an action-packed trip, Darin and George managed to squeeze in a bit of time to enjoy a few of the things Germany is known best for…

german beer from gd.jpg
Enjoying a taste of Germany!

To learn more about any of our European partners and more, please contact us. To view more photos of the Hannover Messe Trade Show, please click here.

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