PTI Welcomes Our Summer Interns

P.T. International Corp. (PTI) welcomes our four summer interns! They are all helping us in the warehouse at our 70,000+ sq ft headquarters in Charlotte, NC. Read on for more about our interns and to see them in action…

Jackson Cleary for email 16 blue.jpg
Above: Jackson helps box chain breakers for a 175 piece delivery.

Theo Dib for email B bluec
Above: Theo swivels a bearing into a Take Up housing.

Jason Blocker for email blue
Above: Jason packs up mounted ball bearings as part of a 100 piece order.

John Trimper for email blueb
Above: John prepares locknuts for shipping to a customer. 

* * *

About PTI: Upon opening in 1994, PTI has specialized in serving the growing niche market of Metric products. As demand has increased over the years, so has our product offering. Today, our customers enjoy a huge offering of both Metric and Inch-based products for the Industrial Power Transmission Industry.

Want to learn more about PTI? Click here to view our company overview video. View our products, other case studies, videos and more at

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